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who will oversee the academy and provide mentoring and general guidance

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who will oversee the academy and provide mentoring and general guidance

Nadia Al Turki

Nadia Al Turki is the president & founder of  IAMD. Mrs. Al Turki is an accomplished International Journalist, Writer, and Academic. She is a seasoned media expert who worked with Asharq Al-Awsat, Sterling University, AlArab News, and Saudi Research & Publishing. She is a confident passionate influential with an extensive network and professional relationships within the Diplomatic and media communities.

Komal Adris

Specialist in political advocacy and communications – with several years of experience working with senior UK and European parliamentarians in policy development; areas of policy experience includes: Middle East advocacy, human rights, public health and international development. 

Considerable experience in leading successful advocacy campaigns in areas of human rights, international law and public health. Examples include:

  • The 2014 Palestine State recognition vote in the UK parliament
  • The DNA database Citizens Inquiry for the Human Genetics Commission (2007)
  • The Faith and Organ Donation report launched in parliament in 2012.

BA(Hons) in Economics and MA(Econ) in International Development.

Direct training experience includes: 

1. Public Health: created and delivered training for the UK Department of Health in the following areas:

  • Recruitment and training of medical student volunteers for community public health awareness initiatives 
  • Training of public health and medical staff on ethnic and religion sensibilities around organ donation and end of life care 
  • Training for employees of public institutions on organ donation

2. Communications and Advocacy 

  • Training for international and local NGOs in Palestine on ‘Political advocacy in Europe’. 
  • Trained volunteers for UK parliamentary campaigning as part of LFPME
  • Delivered training on how to run effective campaigns – for UK campaigning organisations
  • Training for refugee communities at a local level on accessing local services and opportunities.
  • Media experience includes contributions on mainstream media such as BBC, Channel 4, Huffington Post etc
  • Presented research at international conferences in Barcelona, Amsterdam, London, Doha, Saudi.
James Denselow

James Denselow is a writer on Middle East politics and security issues and a Director of the ‘New Diplomacy Platform’ (NDP). He has worked extensively in the Middle East, including research for foreign policy think tank Chatham House, writing and reporting for several media publications and for communications and advocacy work with international NGOs. He has written for the Guardian, Al Jazeera, the New Statesman, Asharq Al-Awsat and The New Arab. 

He is a contributing author to “An Iraq of Its Regions: Cornerstones of a Federal Democracy?” and “America and Iraq: Policy-making, Intervention and Regional Politics Since 1958” and has advised the British Government on its policy towards the Arab Spring. He is a Research Associate at the ‘Foreign Policy Centre’ (FPC) and a Fellow at the ‘Centre for Syrian Studies’ (CSS).

Barry Tomalin MA

Barry Tomalin is an international business consultant and educator. He is a world-recognized authority in international communication, globalisation and intercultural management. He lectures in Information Management, International Communication and Public Diplomacy at the Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance, Loughborough University London and is an expert in place and nation brand, as well as the impact of globalisation on national government and business organisations. Barry was Senior Lecturer in Cultural Awareness and International Communication at the London Academy of Diplomacy and Communications Co-ordinator for the Academy, responsible for press and public relations, based on his almost twenty years as a BBC World Service producer and presenter.  In 2015 Barry organised a seminar on Social Media for diplomats and has also organized and led study tours and lecture programmes for visiting Vietnamese journalists and business leaders under the 165 programme for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As a global business consultant, Barry trains corporations in global management, working in international markets and international leadership and project management.  In his career Barry has worked in over 60 countries, for the British Council and the BBC World Service. He is the author of several books and articles on world cultures and training, including ‘World Business Cultures- a Handbook’ and ‘Cross-cultural Communication: Theory and Practice’ as well as monographs on Germany, Italy and France. He is currently researching and writing on the Middle East and North Africa

Dr Rumyana Marinova-Christidi

Dr Rumyana Marinova-Christidi was born in Sofia in 1977. She is a graduate of the Faculty of History of the University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski”, where she teaches since 2005.  In 2009 she was elected Assistant Professor and in 2014 Associate Professor at the chair of “History of Bulgaria”, at the Faculty of History of the University of Sofia. She teaches Contemporary History of Bulgaria (from the WW II until 1989), the Holocaust period, Education and Ideology during Communism, as well as Diplomatic, Ethnic and Cultural Dimensions of the EU integration process in the Balkans.

She has been a visiting professor at the University of Haifa (Israel), the University of Western Macedonia (Thessaloniki, Greece), the University “Carlo Bo” in Urbino (Italy), and at the Link Campus University in Rome. She is the author of three monographs – “Bulgarian education between sovietization and tradition 1948-1959” (Sofia, 2006), “The Jews of Bulgaria” (“Shalom”, Sofia, 2009), “Higher education in Bulgaria: from the Soviet reforms to the reforms of the Bologna Process” Sofia, 2013 and a co-author in “A Concise History of Bulgaria” (in Greek), Thessaloniki, 2014 – as well as the author of many articles published in Bulgarian, Greek, English, German and Italian.

Rumyana Marinova-Christidi is an advisor to the President of the Organization of the Jews in Bulgaria “SHALOM”, responsible for the Archives of the organization. Since 2011 she is a national advisor for the Bologna Process in Higher Education, specializing on the process of internationalization of Higher Education and on new methods of teaching the Holocaust and the Communist period.

Chris Doyle

Chris is the Director of Caabu. He has worked with the Council since 1993 after graduating with a first class honours degree in Arabic at Exeter University. As part of this course, he spent a year in Alexandria. Since then he has travelled widely in the Middle East. In 1996, Chris moved to work for a government relations firm but returned to a more senior role at CAABU in 1997. In November 2002, he was made Director.

As the lead spokesperson for Caabu and as an acknowledged expert on the region, Chris is a frequent commentator on TV and Radio, having given over 148 interviews on the Arab world in 2012 alone. He is a regular columnist for Al Arabiya.

Chris has taken numerous British Parliamentary delegations to Arab countries. Most recently he took senior MPs to Palestine in January 2015.

In January 2013, Chris appeared as an expert witness in front of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee in Parliament discussing UK relations with the Gulf. He has spoken at numerous international conferences and has given talks at Chatham House, RUSI, and the Doha Forum in Qatar. He gives numerous talks around the country on issues such as the Arab Spring, Libya, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Islamophobia and Arabs in Britain.

Chris is a particular expert on Syria, where he has travelled extensively. Some of his media work on Syria can be viewed here

On 29 November 2005, Chris addressed the UN General Assembly on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinians. 

Chris was the winner of the 2015 Annemarie Schimmel Award for Excellence in championing a Muslim cause. Chris also won a Special Tribute award from the Arab Screen Independent Film Festival in 2001 for his work with the media. He was the subject of a documentary for Al Jazeera in 2012

Mounira Chaieb
Mounira Chaieb

Mentoring fellows at King’s College, London. Freelance writer, Consultant on current issues related to the Arab world (interviewed by the BBC & Arise TV frequently), Broadcaster,Journalism Trainer, Interpreter, Translator and voice-over artist. I also volunteer for UNICEF and several others.

Effective, motivating and approachable mentoring of fellows & training of broadcast journalists.Multilingual, experienced and confident journalist, capable of turning ideas into award – nominated and ground – breaking programmes.With a rich experience as Trainer/ Mentor, Editor, Presenter, Reporter, Producer with the BBC, I ‘ve tackled issues related to the ‘Arab Spring’, Human rights in the Arab world, ‘The War on Terror’,Muslims in Europe, Illegal immigration among many more. My Editor said in his feedback of one of my programmes: ‘Monica’s selection of stories and treatments has been outstanding and she’s had the most positive of recent playback results’.